Saturday, November 27, 2010

College Football 2010 (Week 13).....

Last full weekend of games before we get to the conference championship weekend and there is a nice full slate of games (five overall) involving ranked teams. Plus there are quite a few rivalry games as the regular season winds down these next couple of weeks. With the holiday, quite a few of these games take place on Friday, so instead of fighting those shopping crowds, grab some leftovers and find the couch and your clicker.

Week 13 games:

ALABAMA (#9) over Auburn (#2)
OREGON (#1) over Arizona (#20)
Boise State (#3) over NEVADA (#19)
ARKANSAS (#12) over LSU (#6)
Oklahoma State (#10) over OKLAHOMA (#14)
North Carolina State (#21) over MARYLAND

Week 12: 5-1
2010 season: 47-25

Thursday, November 25, 2010

NFL 2010 - Week 12 picks.....

Thanksgiving week starts the unofficial "turn for home" of the NFL season as we are down to the final six weeks of the season. A very good slate of games this week with many interesting match-ups that will effect the playoffs and possibly seeding, especially on the NFC side. Still no consensus best team, and that's ok, as it will make these final weeks even better.

As for the picks, hooray for the win/loss choices, but my work against the spread needs some more fine tuning.

Below the point spread games are the win/lose picks of Mike, myself and our guest picker and podcast listener, Scott.

NFL Week 12 picks (Home Team in CAPS)

Patriots (-7) over LIONS
Saints (-1) over COWBOYS
Bengals (+9) over JETS
Packers (+1) over FALCONS
Steelers (-5) over BILLS
BROWNS (NL) over Panthers
Jaguars (+9) over GIANTS
Vikings (+3) over REDSKINS
TEXANS (NL) over Titans
SEAHAWKS (+1) over Chiefs
Dolphins (NL) over RAIDERS
Rams (+5) over BRONCOS
BEARS (+3 1/2) over Eagles
RAVENS (-6) over Buccaneers
Chargers (+3) over COLTS
CARDINALS (+2 1/2) over 49ers

Week 11 picks: 7-8-1
2010 season: 79-71-10

Win / Lose picks:
Guest picker for week 12: podcast listener, Scott

Week 11 results: Mike (8-8) / Sal (12-4) / Guest (9-7)
2010 season: Mike (97-63) / Sal (96-64) / Guest (82-78)

Week 12 picks:
Sal / Mike / Scott --- Patriots at Lions ---
Sal / Mike / Scott --- Saints at Cowboys ---
--- Bengals at Jets --- Sal / Mike /Scott
Sal --- Packers at Falcons --- Mike / Scott
Sal / Mike /Scott --- Steelers at Bills ---
--- Panthers at Browns --- Sal / Mike / Scott
--- Jaguars at Giants --- Sal / Mike / Scott
Sal --- Vikings at Redskins --- Mike / Scott
--- Titans at Texans --- Sal / Mike / Scott
Scott --- Chiefs at Seahawks --- Sal / Mike
Sal --- Dolphins at Raiders --- Mike / Scott
Sal --- Rams at Broncos --- Mike / Scott
Sal / Mike / Scott --- Eagles at Bears ---
--- Buccaneers at Ravens --- Sal / Mike / Scott
Sal --- Chargers at Colts --- Mike / Scott
Sal / Mike / Scott --- 49ers at Cardinals ---

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Baseball "Hot Stove" - The SFB Podcast (11/24/2010).....

So will the Yankees really play hardball with Derek Jeter? Are there any hints where the top free agents might land? Who won the year-end rewards and did they deserve them? Before we hit the Thanksgiving turkey, Paul Lebowitz joins me to discuss what has been going on the first few weeks of the baseball off season. Enjoy.

Paul on Twitter
Paul's website

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NFL Week 11 review - The SFB Podcast (11/23/2010).....

Ten games down for each of the NFL teams and we still don't have a team that we can point to and say they are the best of the bunch. Know what? It's ok as we have many good teams and that will make these last six weeks of games very entertaining for those of us who like jockeying of teams as the playoffs get near. We might get a little better feel of the NFC teams with the Packer / Falcon and Eagle / Bear match-ups this weeks. As for week 11, how great is it when the Colts and Patriots get together and did we see the last meaningful game that involved Brett Favre? Enjoy.

The SportsFan Buzz: November 23, 2010 (right click to "save as target)
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Friday, November 19, 2010

Weekend Chase - The SFB Podcast (11/19/2010).....

NASCAR must wish the calender said 2005, instead of 2010 as they have the last race of the season with its 4 time champion, Jimmie Johnson, chasing the upstart in Denny Hamlin, while Kevin Harvick sits behind both of them with a chance to win it all and nobody is noticing the excitement. Well, I'm noticing (albeit late in the season) and will look at the final race for the NASCAR championship. Plus there will be college football games in both Yankee Stadium and Wrigley Field this Saturday and a look at the awards given out so far this baseball off-season. Enjoy.

The SportsFan Buzz: November 19, 2010 (right click to "save as target)
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College Football 2010 (Week 12).....

The craziness of the BCS just keeps on giving as TCU is now being "punished" because their victory over an undefeated Utah team two weeks ago has been written off after Utah got stomped at Notre Dame. No, we don't need a playoff (Very good article about a football playoff in last week's Sports Illustrated.). Many of the top teams are off this week, as we only have four match-ups involving Top 25 teams and none with both teams higher than eighteen. What we do have starting this week are the traditional year-end rivalry match-ups.

Week 12 games:

Ohio State (#8) over IOWA (#21)
Nebraska (#9) over TEXAS A&M (#18)
Arkansas (#13) over MISSISSIPPI STATE (#22)
Virginia Tech (#14) over MIAMI (#24)
Stanford (#7) over CALIFORNIA
North Carolina State over NORTH CAROLINA

Week 11: 4-2
2010 season: 42-24

Thursday, November 18, 2010

NFL 2010 - Week 11 picks.....

The bye weeks are done and all teams have now played the same amount of games as we start the seven week home stretch. It is impossible to name a top team this year without finding flaws that make you question the selection. New England whips Pittsburgh after looking bad in losing to Cleveland. Dallas fires its coach, then goes into New York, knocks them around and looks like the team with thought they would be at the start of the season. Now we have Philadelphia looking like the kings of the NFL. Guess we will see.

As for the picks, I also did the impossible by being 3 games better against the spread than in straight picking of the winner. Hard to do.

Below the point spread games are the win/lose picks of Mike, myself and our guest picker and podcast listener, Casey.

NFL Week 11 picks (Home Team in CAPS)

DOLPHINS (-1 1/2) over Bears - Short week with a new starting quarterback does not look good for Miami, but they didn't have to travel so they have a slight advantage. The key will be if the Dolphin defense can put pressure on Jay Cutler to cause turnovers.
BENGALS (-4 1/2) over Bills - Buffalo finally got their first victory last week and look for two in a row against a reeling Cincinnati team. At home I expect the Bengals to show a little pride in their season and get a much needed victory.
COWBOYS (-7) over Lions - The only team without a home win this season resides in Dallas, but that will change this week as the Cowboys keep up the good play for new coach Jason Garrett and go into their Thanksgiving game on a little winning streak.
TITANS (-6 1/2) over Redskins - Washington seems to be a mess and were embarrassed last week by Michael Vick and now they get Chris Johnson and Randy Moss. Tennessee has two beat up quarterbacks, but whoever is back there needs to find Moss to help stretch the defense for Johnson.
Cardinals (+7 1/2) over CHIEFS Kansas City loses a tough one to the Raiders then gets blown out by Denver. They look to get back to the friendly confines of Arrowhead and back in the win column. Chiefs win, but the Cardinals give them a scare.
Packers (-2 1/2) over VIKINGS - A part of me wants to give Minnesota one more shot to gather themselves, but they get a Green Bay team coming off the bye and starting to get healthy. The Packers take advantage of the rest and help bury the Vikings for the season.
JETS (-5) over Texans - Houston's defense has been one of the worst in the league and their offense has not been as productive as prior years. New York has been sluggish the past 4 games, but will get healthy this week at home against the struggling Texans.
Raiders (+9) over STEELERS - Oakland has been a pleasant surprise and have been doing it behind the running of Darren McFadden. That will be tough against the Steeler running defense. Pittsburgh is coming off getting whipped by New England and will bounce back,but the Raiders will keep it close.
Ravens (-10) over PANTHERS - Carolina is down to their 3rd string quarterback against a Baltimore defense that can get after their opponents. The Ravens were stung in losing late last week to Atlanta, but had ten days off since then to get right. Expect a big game from Ray Rice.
Browns (+3) over JAGUARS - Cleveland loses a heartbreaker to the Jets, while Jacksonville wins on a deflected "Hail Mary". Have been very impressed by Colt McCoy managing of the Brown offense. The Browns have been playing tough and will take advantage of the Jaguars poor running defense with the big armed Peyton Hillis.
Falcons (-3) over RAMS - I so wanted to back St. Louis here, but I just couldn't pull the trigger. Again, the ten day layoff that Atlanta received is a plus this late in the season that they will take advantage of against the Rams.
SAINTS (-12 1/2) over Seahawks - The defending champions are "under the radar" sitting a game behind Atlanta in the NFC South. They are also coming off their bye week, getting Reggie Bush back and just getting healthy in general. Seattle has been poor on the road and it won't get any better against the rested Saints in the Superdome.
Buccaneers (+4) over 49ERS - I have been very late getting on Tampa Bay, while holding on to San Francisco. That gets reversed this week as I think the Buccaneers are playing well enough to go cross country and keep up this surprising season. The Bucs defense will be the reason they keep it close and could get the win.
PATRIOTS (-3) over Colts - Not a fan of giving points to Peyton Manning, even in New England, but the Colts are still beat up and will have a tough time against Tom Brady and the Patriots. New England rides their offensive success from last week at Pittsburgh to outscore Manning and the Colts.
EAGLES (-3) over Giants - Don't like be a "prisoner of the moment", but last week's results have to give you pause. While I think the Giants are not as bad as they looked or the Eagles as good, Philadelphia will ride momentum and the home field advantage to move to the top of the NFC East standings. Key for Michael Vick will be to avoid the big hitters on the Giant defense.
Broncos (+9 1/2) over CHARGERS - Are we seeing another San Diego late season surge in the making? Sure looks that way and they are being led by MVP candidate, Philip Rivers. The Charger offense is still without Antonio Gates, but will be getting Malcom Floyd back for the game and Vincent Jackson returns next week. Denver can score points and will score enough to keep this close, but the Chargers get the home win.

Week 10 picks: 9-5
2010 season: 72-63-9

Win / Lose picks:
Guest picker for week 11: podcast listener, Casey

Week 10 results: Mike (7-7) / Sal (6-8) / Guest (6-8)
2010 season: Mike (89-55) / Sal (84-60) / Guest (73-71)

Week 11 picks:
--- Bears at Dolphins --- Sal / Mike / Casey
--- Bills at Bengals --- Sal / Mike / Casey
--- Lions at Cowboys --- Sal / Mike / Casey
--- Redskins at Titans --- Sal / Mike / Casey
--- Cardinals at Chiefs --- Sal / Mike / Casey
Sal / Casey --- Packers at Vikings --- Mike
Mike / Casey --- Texans at Jets --- Sal
--- Raiders at Steelers --- Sal / Mike / Casey
Sal / Mike / Casey --- Ravens at Panthers ---
Sal / Mike / Casey --- Browns at Jaguars ---
Sal / Mike / Casey --- Falcons at Rams ---
--- Seahawks at Saints --- Sal / Mike / Casey
Sal --- Buccaneers at 49ers --- Mike / Casey
Mike --- Colts at Patriots --- Sal / Casey
--- Giants at Eagles --- Sal / Mike / Casey
Casey --- Broncos at Chargers --- Sal / Mike

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mid-season NFL review - The SFB Podcast (11/17/2010).....

The NFL is back on track as the bye weeks are done and all teams have now played the same amount of games. One thing that has been proven this year is that anytime you think you have a grasp on what is going on with the teams and the league, the Sunday games get played and you are left scratching your head. I am joined by new daddy Mike (hopefully he stays awake for the whole podcast) to give our thoughts on the first half surprises and disappointments and to look into our cloudy crystal balls about what is yet to come this season. Enjoy.

The SportsFan Buzz: November 17, 2010 (right click to "save as target)
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Friday, November 12, 2010

College Football 2010 (Week 11).....

Well, things are starting to get clearer with regards to the possible BCS champion at the end of this season. It looks like it is down to seven possible teams with Auburn and Oregon controlling their own paths to the championship game, while TCU and Boise St. wait and hope for one of the top two to fall and let them in. Then sitting further on the outside, LSU, Ohio St., and Wisconsin's only hope it a complete collapse from those top four teams.

Very slow week as there are only two match-ups this week that involve Top 25 teams and all those teams are outside the Top 10.

Week 11 games:

ALABAMA (#11) over Mississippi State (#17) - Alabama gets knocked out of the National Championship debate in losing to LSU. Have to wonder if they will be up for MSU, but I think that Nick Saben gets them ready and back on the winning path.
FLORIDA (#24) over South Carolina (#22) - The battle for the SEC East crown. Coach Spurrier would love to get the victory over his old team in The Swamp, but coming off the bye will be a plus for the Gators and they take down the Gamecocks and get their season back on a positive note.
Oregon (#1) over CALIFORNIA - Now it is just up to Oregon to keep rolling and while early in the season this looked like it could be trouble, this now looks like it could get ugly.
AUBURN (#2) over Georgia - Auburn must make sure they don't look ahead to their Black Friday meeting against Alabama and if this game was on the road, I might be worried, but because it is a home game, Cam Newton and the Tigers roll over a disappointing Georgia team.
Iowa (#13) over NORTHWESTERN - Iowa can look back at two tough losses on the road to a "what could have been", but they need to take this Northwestern team seriously as they play tough Big Ten football. The Hawkeye defense is just too tough and they get the road victory.
Virginia Tech (#16) over NORTH CAROLINA - This is not the same Virginia Tech team that came out of the gate 0-2 and while North Carolina has played respectfully despite all their problems, they are missing too much talent to keep up with the Hokies.

Week 10: 2-4
2010 season: 38-22

Thursday, November 11, 2010

NFL 2010 - Week 10 picks.....

Finally, the last of the "bye" weeks is this weekend, but at the same time the NFL now starts those terrible Thursday night games where teams must handle those short turnarounds. As for the teams, we will see if the Cowboys have learned anything this week after they got Wade Phillips fired, while in Washington the Donovan McNabb / Mike Shanahan show gets back on the field after a very strange bye week.

As for the picks, let's just say they were not good.

Below the point spread games are the win/lose picks of Mike, myself and our guest picker and podcast listener, Greg.

NFL Week 10 picks (Home Team in Caps)
Bye Week: Chargers, Packers, Raiders, Saints

Ravens (+1) over FALCONS - After last week's game, the Ravens finally looked like the offense we expected at the start of the season and that is because Ray Rice got the ball running and catching. While Atlanta is considered one of the top teams in the NFC and Matt Ryan is 13-1 at home as a starter, Baltimore will step up to this challenge and get a tough road victory.
Lions (+3) over BILLS - Detroit lost a tough one last week and also Matthew Stafford at the same time. This would seem to set up for the Bills to get their first victory, but Buffalo fans get teased again as the Lion defense steps up and help backup Shaun Hill lead Detroit to the win.
Jets (-1) over BROWNS -The "Ryan" battle has been the storyline, but the Jets can't overlook that the Browns have been playing well each week with rookie Colt McCoy as their starter and the running game led by Peyton Hillis. This should be a low scoring game, and I think the more talented Jets and older brother Rex (by 5 minutes) get the win.
Vikings (-1) over BEARS - Can this soap opera in Minnesota get any crazier? We'll see as the veterans seem to be taking control of this team and could make a run at the playoffs, but that only starts if they can beat the Bears in Chicago. The Viking defense bothers Jay Cutler and causes him into turnovers that helps Minnesota to the win.
BUCCANEERS (-7) over Panthers - Tampa Bay a touchdown favorite? Yes, and Raheem Morris has this team believing, even after a tough loss in Atlanta last week. Carolina is back with Jimmy Clausen as their starter after Matt Moore was lost for the remainder of the season and are also hurting at running back. This looks like a very long remainder of the season for the Panthers.
Texans (+3) over JAGUARS - After the first two weeks of the season, Houston looked like they had matured, but 2-4 since then raises many questions. The Texans need to get it going and should do so against their division foe, Jacksonville. Arian Foster has been the bright spot for the Texans and I think he has a big roll in the victory.
Bengals (+8) over COLTS - Another soap opera destination could be Cincinnati as the Bengals are floundering at 2-6, despite all their talent. On the other side, the Colts are so beat up Peyton Manning must introduce himself to his teammates, but he keeps the Indy machine moving. The Colts win, but the Bengals keep it close and suffer another dissappointment.
DOLPHINS (+1) over Titans - Randy Moss gets to play with his third team of the season, while for Miami Chad Pennington gets the start at quarterback. Miami needs to get its run game going and that will be tough against the Tennessee defense. The difference in Miami winning will be Pennington not turning the ball over and getting the Dolphins into the end zone as opposed to the field goals they have been settling for this season.
Chiefs (-2 1/2) over Broncos - A tough loss for Kansas City last week in Oakland and now they travel to Denver. The Chief defense was not good in the second half of that game, but they get back into form against the Broncos. Denver has had its problems the last few weeks and are hoping they fixed them over the bye week, but that quick KC defense will make it difficult.
Cowboys (+13 1/2) over GIANTS - New York got past their "west coast letdown" last week in beating up on Seattle and now get the lowly Cowboys with new head coach, Jason Garrett. Seems to cry blowout, but I will give the Cowboys one more chance to show they can play like professionals as they keep this game close and give the Giants a scare.
CARDINALS (-3) over Seahawks - Fully admit that I have no confidence in this game on one side or the other. The Cardinals blow the 14 point lead last week against Minnesota, while Seattle got beat up and down the field at home last week aginst the Giants. Cardinals playing at home is the only reason I can see in giving them the edge in this matchup against their divisional foes.
Rams (+5) over 49ERS - San Francisco sits after eight games at 2-6, but only two games out of the divisional lead. St. Louis sits ahead of them and has suceeded expectations so far this season. The Rams will keep this close, but in the end the 49ers,behind their horse in Frank Gore, will get the win and really put this division into a four team royal rumble for the second half of the year.
Patriots (+4 1/2) over STEELERS - Pittsburgh loses another offensive lineman for the year when Max Starks was lost last week to a neck injury. Meanwhile the Patriots took it on the chin with Cleveland running all over them last Sunday. A battle of two of the top AFC teams and while I think the Steelers will sneak out the victory, it will be a close game that gets won late in the 4th quarter.
Eagles (-3) over REDSKINS - Another NFL soap opera with the Donovan McNabb / Mike Shanahan storyline of the past two weeks. That will not be the reason why Philadelphia gets this Monday Night road win. It will be the improved quarterback play of Michael Vick, who makes this Eagle team an "X factor" as we look for the top team in the NFC. The Eagles get revenge for the early season loss in that took place in Philadelphia.

Week 9 picks: 5-7-1
2010 season: 63-58-9

Win / Lose picks:
Guest picker for week 10: podcast listener, Greg

Week 9 results: Mike (11-2) / Sal (7-6) / Guest (10-3)
2010 season: Mike (82-48) / Sal (78-52) / Guest (67-63)

Week 10 picks:
Sal / Greg --- Ravens at Falcons --- Mike
Sal --- Lions at Bills --- Mike / Greg
Sal / Mike / Greg --- Vikings at Bears ---
Sal / Greg --- Jets at Browns --- Mike
--- Panthers at Buccaneers --- Sal / Mike / Greg
Sal / Mike / Greg --- Texans at Jaguars ---
--- Bengals at Colts --- Sal / Mike / Greg
Mike / Greg --- Titans at Dolphins --- Sal
Sal / Greg --- Chiefs at Broncos --- Mike
--- Cowboys at Giants --- Sal / Mike / Greg
--- Seahawks at Cardinals --- Sal / Mike / Greg
--- Rams at 49ers --- Sal / Mike / Greg
--- Patriots at Steelers --- Sal / Mike / Greg
Sal / Mike / Greg --- Eagles at Redskins ---

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

NFL Week 9 review - The SFB Podcast (11/9/2010).....

The hammer finally fell of Wade Phillips and after that atrocious effort on Sunday night, he just had to go as Jerry Jones could not fire all the players mid-season. In the same division we might have the two best NFC teams with the Eagles and Giants, while the Falcons just keep on winning. In the AFC there are many good teams and it looks like a fun second half of the season as these teams play each other and work out their "slots" in the hierarchy. I'll take a look back at week 9 and look forward to the week 10 schedule. Enjoy.

The SportsFan Buzz: November 9, 2010 (right click to "save as target)
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Tournament No Shows - The SFB Podcast (11/8/2010).....

Florida State kept their top women soccer players home and did not send them to the ACC Tournament because they wanted to be fresh for the NCAA Championship. It cost them money and a scolding from the ACC "higher-ups", but I wonder in the big picture if FSU was wrong in their thinking and will other teams maybe do this, but maybe not in such blatant ways.

Plus, I will admit that I have been just browsing the NASCAR races and the standing as they wrap up their season, but after yesterday's race in Texas they have gotten my attention. Jeff Gordon and Jeff Burton got into a fight and Jimmie Johnson replaced his pit crew in the middle of the race. I'll take a look at what I have been missing this NASCAR season. Plus another college football weekend is in the books and the baseball free agency period started. Did you notice? Enjoy.

The SportsFan Buzz: November 8, 2010 (right click to "save as target)
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Friday, November 5, 2010

NFL 2010 - Week 9 picks.....

OK, not even the most ardent "Cowboy hater" would have predicted the Dallas Cowboys to be 1-6 (0-4 in The Palace) after eight weeks of this NFL season. Plus we have the Chiefs and Buccaneers sitting atop their divisions with 5-2 records. So should we say these are no longer aberrations, but how these teams really will look at season's end? The next few weeks should start to tell that story better as we head into November games and really separate pretenders from contenders.

As for the picks against the spread, we'll take anything on the winning side of the ledger.

Below the point spread games are the win/lose picks of Mike, myself and our guest picker and podcast listener, Aaron.

NFL Week 9 picks (Home Team in Caps)
Bye Week: 49ers, Broncos, Jaguars, Rams, Redskins, Titans

Buccaneers (+9 1/2) over FALCONS - Tampa Bay's 5-2 record is a bunch of "smoke & mirrors", but they are an improved team. I think they keep it close against Atlanta.
BILLS (-1) over Bears - Chicago is off a bye week and Buffalo is playing the game in their second home of Toronto. The Bills have been close to getting their first win the past couple of weeks and finally pull it out this week against Jay Cutler and the Bears.
Patriots (-6 1/2) over BROWNS - Cleveland has been playing close games and have looked ok at times, but I have a strange feeling that if given the opportunity, Patriots' coach Bill Belicheck takes it to his former division rival Eric Mangini and his Browns.
Jets (-3 1/2) over LIONS - The first meeting between the top two quarterbacks taken in last year's draft. There is a part of me that want to take the Lions and maybe even outright, but I just can't pull the trigger on Detroit. Will be interesting to see how the Lions' front four does against the New York offensive line.
VIKINGS (-8) over Cardinals - The Minnesota defense has to take advantage of playing against an offense led by Derek Anderson and without a healthy Beanie Wells. Not sure who will catch the ball for the Vikings, but I hear their running back is pretty good.
Saints (-6 1/2) over PANTHERS - I give the Panthers a second chance last week and they dive on me. The Saints gets a huge push from that victory over the Steelers and start a roll back to the front of the NFC line.
Dolphins (+7) over RAVENS - Miami and Baltimore both play tough football by trying to run the ball and play good defense. Even though the Ravens are home and off the bye, that formula of running and defense should make for a closely played game.
TEXANS (-1 1/2) over Chargers - I am not thrilled picking the Texans here as it seems like they peaked when they beat the Colts in week one, but the Chargers are too beat up and with Antonio Gates joining that injury list it points to a Houston home victory.
Giants (-5) over SEAHAWKS - The New York defense gets after the quarterback and that will make for a long day for new starter Charlie Whitehurst. The long trip from coast to coast can be a speed bump, but the Giants are coming off their bye and that should negate that effect.
Chiefs (+3) over RAIDERS - Both teams have been running the ball real well and that has been the biggest reason for their respective turnarounds. The Kansas City defense is a little better against the run and quicker than the Raiders, and those advantages help lead the Chiefs over their rivals from Oakland.
Colts (+2 1/2) over EAGLES - Michael Vick comes back this week and could give the Indianapolis defense some trouble, but Peyton Manning will bother the Philadelphia defense even more.
Cowboys (+9 1/2) over PACKERS - Dallas is a train wreck, but the Packers are coming off a good road win over the Jets and have a much needed bye week in front of them. Those factors lead to a game that is still a Green Bay win, but closer than many expect.
Steelers (-3 1/2) over BENGALS - Last year Cincinnati swept the AFC North games in taking the division, while this year they are fighting for their season in week nine. Pittsburgh took a loss last week in New Orleans and will look to get back on track and get a little payback at the same time.

Week 8 picks: 8-5
2010 season: 58-51-8

Win/Lose picks:
Guest picker for week 9: podcast listener, Aaron

Week 8 results: Mike (7-6) / Sal (9-4) / Guest (7-6)
2010 season: Mike (71-46) / Sal (71-46) / Guest (57-60)

Week 9 picks:
--- Buccaneers at Falcons --- Sal / Mike / Aaron
Mike / Aaron --- Bears at Bills --- Sal
Sal / Mike / Aaron --- Patriots at Browns ---
Sal / Mike / Aaron --- Jets at Lions ---
--- Cardinals at Vikings --- Sal / Mike / Aaron
Sal / Mike / Aaron --- Saints at Panthers ---
Sal --- Dolphins at Ravens --- Mike / Aaron
--- Chargers at Texans --- Sal /Mike / Aaron
Sal / Mike / Aaron --- Giants at Seahawks ---
Sal --- Chiefs at Raiders --- Mike / Aaron
Sal / Aaron --- Colts at Eagles --- Mike
--- Cowboys at Packers --- Sal / Mike / Aaron
Sal / Mike / Aaron --- Steelers at Bengals ---

College Football 2010 (Week 10).....

This is really turning out to be a very fun college football season and the Oregon Ducks are leading the way with how they attack opposing defenses with all their offensive weapons. Then we have Cam Newton leading the Heisman race while leading the Auburn Tigers towards the top of the rankings. The Tigers match-up with Alabama later this month looms large and will greatly influence the final BCS standings.

Who were those impostors in the Spartan green jerseys? Michigan State gets knocked out of the conversation by getting smacked down by a good Iowa team. I thought they had some magic on their side this season, but that was quickly smothered by that Hawkeye defense.

Another great slate of games this week as we will have five match-ups of top 25 teams, including two non-BCS teams facing off when TCU travels to Utah.

Week 10 games:

North Carolina State (#23) over CLEMSON - Living here in Raleigh for most of the last 18 years, I have followed the Wolfpack pretty closely and this sets up as a "break your heart" game for Packer Backers, but I'll put my faith in them to keep this good season rolling.
Baylor (#22) over OKLAHOMA STATE (#19) - Big win for Baylor over Texas in Austin and this is another big test on the road. I like their quarterback Robert Griffin to have another big game.
SOUTH CAROLINA (#18) over Arkansas (#17) - Steve Spurrier knows something about quarterbacks and keeps the Razorback offense in check to get another tough SEC victory.
ALABAMA (#5) over LSU (#12) - I still think Alabama is the best all-around team in the country and they put LSU to the side as they march their way towards that showdown with Auburn alter in the month.
STANFORD (#10) over Arizona (#13) - Arizona has been quietly winning games and now has this showdown with the Stanford Cardinal. This would be one of the biggest wins in recent Wildcat history, but I think the Stanford offense is better with Andrew Luck and will get the PAC 10 victory.
TCU (#4) over UTAH (#6) - A knockout game for one of these two "BCS-buster" teams. Even though they are traveling, TCU is used to this "big game" atmosphere with their recent history and keeps the Utes offense under control to squeak out a close victory.

Week 9: 3-3
2010 season: 36-18

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Giant World Series - The SFB Podcast (11/3/2010).....

Well, that was a quick World Series. The Giants pitching completely shut down the Ranger bats in taking the World Series in a quick five games. Paul Lebowitz joins me on the podcast to break down the Giants' championship and what went right/wrong for the two teams. We'll also cover the Mets finding their General Manager, possible expansion of the playoffs and a quick look at the Hot Stove League. Enjoy.

Paul on Twitter
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The SportsFan Buzz: November 3, 2010 (right click to "save as target)

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Voice over talent provided by Morgan Thomas.