Saturday, October 15, 2011

NFL 2011 - Week 6 picks.....

The bye week (while I despise them) look like they are lining up to help teams heal, while for others it will allow them to make the necessary adjustments to help their teams get back on track. The Lions and Packers are still the remaining undefeated teams, while the Rams, Colts and Dolphins are still looking for win number one.

A game under even for the week, which put the "losing" streak at three weeks, but the overall record is still sitting above the level mark. On to week six. Enjoy.

NFL 2011 - Week 6 picks (Home team in CAPS)

FALCONS (-4 1/2) over Panthers - Didn't see Atlanta having a must win game in week 6, but that is where the Falcons are at this week. They will need to keep Cam Newton under control, but being at home will help Atlanta get back on track.
GIANTS (-3 1/2) over Bills - Typical Giant letdown last week against Seattle and most will feel it continues against Buffalo, but here is where the New York will confound everyone and get the win over Buffalo. The Bills will put up points, but Eli Manning will put up more.
Colts (+6 1/2) over BENGALS - Indy had their chance for the win last week and end up blowing the 17 point lead at home to Kansas City, but they have been playing tough and keeping games close. See the same here as the Bengals win, but the Colts hang tough.
LIONS (-4 1/2) over 49ers - Potential playoff match-up? I would say this is the Lions' letdown week, but who thought the 49ers would be at 4-1 at this time? Detroit will have a struggle here, but with the game being at home, I'll give the edge to the Lions.
PACKERS (-14 1/2) over Rams - St. Louis is bad, while Green Bay is terrific. Packer players will pad multiple offensive stats.
Eagles (+ 1/2) over REDSKINS - I might be the last one beside Eagle diehards to still believe this team can win. Washington can put the dagger into the Eagle season here, but Philly will somehow get this win and muddle the NFC East even further.
STEELERS (-12 1/2) over Jaguars - Pittsburgh showed that they are not giving up on the season after last week's whipping of the Titans and I feel it will continue this week against a bad Jacksonville team. Just can't see the Jaguars scoring much against the Steeler defense.
Browns (+5 1/2) over RAIDERS - Emotional victory last week for the Raiders in Houston last week and this week they face a Cleveland team coming off their bye. Oakland will keep its winning ways, but it will be a struggle as the Browns keep it close.
RAVENS (-7 1/2) over Texans - Want to say the Texans keep it close, but Arian Foster is banged up and no Andre Johnson means not much offense for Houston against the Raven defense. Expect a big load of Ray Rice running and receiving.
Cowboys (+7 1/2) over PATRIOTS - New England faces another "Ryan" defense this week with Rob's Cowboys coming to town. Dallas secondary still a bit banged up. This should be a high scoring affair, but at the end the Patriots will get the victory, but Dallas stays with them throughout.
Saints (-4 1/2) over BUCCANEERS - Tampa Bay didn't even show up last week against the 49ers and that was a giant surprise. New Orleans had to work hard to get the victory in Carolina, but they could really put some distance between them and their division rivals with a victory this week.
BEARS (-3 1/2) over Vikings - Minnesota defensive line probably licking their chops to get at that Chicago offensive line, but do they have an answer to slow down Matt Forte? Vikings ran Adrian Peterson plenty last week, but will they do it again the Bear defense?
Dolphins (+7 1/2) over JETS - New York is on a three game losing streak and have the winless Dolphins coming to town. The Jets will "press" in trying to get off the losing slide and will allow Miami to keep it close and give them a scare, if not the outright upset.

Week 5: 6-7
2011 season: 39-37-1

Thursday, October 13, 2011

College Football 2011 - Week 7.....

A perfect 6-0 week for the first time this year. This week has four match-ups of ranked teams, including the battle for Michigan. Enjoy.

Week 7 games (Home team in CAPS)

Michigan (#11) over MICHIGAN STATE (#23) - This will be a tough game for the Wolverines on the road in East Lansing, but Denard Robinson will be too much for the Spartan defense.
Baylor (#20) over TEXAS A&M (#21) - Robert Griffin had 8 incompletions last weekend, but he'll bounce back from that down week and lead the Bears to a tough road victory over an Aggie team that is starting to hit some bumps.
Oklahoma State (#6) over TEXAS (#22) - A tough stretch here for Texas with their second straight game against an opponent from their neighbor to the north. The Cowboys might be able to match the Sooner output against the Longhorn defense.
OREGON (#9) over Arizona State (#18) - Looks like LaMichael James is out with the dislocated elbow, but the Ducks will tighten the ship and beat the Sun Devils who are looking to sneak the the Pac 12 upset.
Florida over AUBURN (#24) - The Gators, along with Florida State and Miami are not ranked for the first time in many years. Something tells me the Gators get it together and knock off the Tigers on the road.
Ohio State over ILLINOIS (#16) - Another "not sure why", but I think Illinois is vulnerable and this is the week they get knocked off by a Buckeye team licking their wounds after blowing their second half lead last week against Nebraska.

Week 6: 6-0
2011 season: 25-11

Thursday, October 6, 2011

NFL 2011 - Week 5 picks.....

So what have we learned after 4 weeks of the NFL season? We know the offenses are good. Real good. But at the end of the day, it will be defense that separates the good from the great teams. The Lions and Packers are the only undefeated teams, while the Colts, Dolphins, Vikings and Rams still have not won yet this year. Think about that for a minute. We have the Lions undefeated, while the Colts are winless. It is bizarro world.

Second losing week in a row puts us close to the breakeven level for the year. It is the start of the "bye weeks", so we have an abbreviated schedule.

NFL 2011 - Week 5 picks (Home team in CAPS)

Eagles (-2 1/2) over BILLS - Everything points towards the Bills keeping the misery going in Philadelphia, but I think the Eagles win a shootout to get back on the winning track. Last week's loss to the 49ers might have been the wake-up call Philadelphia needed, while the Bills suffered their first loss in Cincinnati. Nice running back match-up with LeSean McCoy and Fred Jackson.
Bengals (+2 1/2) over JAGUARS - Battle of the rookie QBs in Blaine Gabbert and Andy Dalton. Which one makes the least mistakes to win the game. Cincinnati is playing better defense than Jacksonville and it will help lead them to the road victory over the Jags.
Titans (+7 1/2) over STEELERS - Seattle didn't want Matt Hasselbeck for what reason? Who had the Titans at 3-1, while being last in rushing offense? This would be a statement win for Tennessee. I think the Steelers win, but it is a real scrap.
COLTS (-2 1/2) over Chiefs - Only because the game is in Indy. The Chiefs have looked a little better the past couple of weeks, but the Colts have too many vets and will get on the winning side of the ledger for the first time in 2011.
Raiders (+6 1/2) over TEXANS - No Andre Johnson for the Texans and Darrin McFadden's running for Oakland, means a very close game. Overall Houston is the better team and must win these type of games at home to be considered a post season threat. Arian Foster should get plenty of carries to offset the lessened passing game for the Texans.
VIKINGS (-2 1/2) over Cardinals - Beanie Wells running well for the Cardinals, but the other running back in the game is the best in the league. When are the Vikings just going to keep giving the ball to AP and just see what happens? Maybe this week so they can finally get that goose egg out of the win column.
Saints (-5 1/2) over PANTHERS - I've been seeing one as the "upset special" of the week and I just don't see it. Yes, the Panthers have been better this year, but that Saint offense can put up 35 points almost every game and will do so against Carolina.
GIANTS (-9 1/2) over Seahawks - Everything says this is a letdown game for New York after they snuck out of the dessert last week with the win. I just love their defensive line up against the Seattle offense, plus quietly Eli Manning is doing a very good job this year with a depleted receiving group.
Buccaneers (+1 1/2) over 49ERS - I did not see both of these teams at 3-1 after the first quarter of the season. Neither will blow an opponent out and use their running games led by LeGarrette Blount and Frank Gore to control clock. In the end, Josh Freeman just seems to get wins and I have more confidence in him than Alex Smith.
Chargers (-4 1/2) over BRONCOS - This should be a no-brainer with the small spread, but San Diego always seem to be in close games against lesser opponents. Rivers may have no Gates or Jackson this week, but in the end, if the Chargers want to be considered "elite" in the AFC they must win big against a poor Bronco team.
Jets (+9 1/2) over PATRIOTS - I have not like this Jet team all year, but Rex Ryan will have them up for their rivals in New England. Normally I would expect Brady & Belichick to get revenge for last year's playoff loss and blowout New York, but the Patriot defense is so poor, it will be a close score at the end.
Packers (-5 1/2) over FALCONS - Atlanta escapes Seattle last week and have many questioning what is going on with this team picked by many to challenge for the NFC crown. Does not get any easier with Aaron Rodgers and the Packer offense coming to town. Green Bay remains undefeated and repeats last year's playoff beatdown.
LIONS (-5 1/2) over Bears - I keep on wanting to go against Detroit, but it will not be this week. Poor Chicago and Jay Cutler get to deal with a raucous crowd excited for a Monday Night game, which will make the Lion pass rush that much quicker and better. It could get ugly for Cutler and the Chicago offensive line.

Week 4: 7-9
2011 season: 33-30-1

College Football 2011 - Week 6.....

Are we looking at a definite powerhouse game with Alabama-LSU in a month, or will one of them stumble on the way to this year's "Game of the Century"? Not a great week for ranked match-ups, but we do have the "Red River Rivalry" to headline the week. Enjoy.

Week 6 games (Home team in CAPS)

STANFORD (#7) over Colorado - Andrew Luck has done nothing to dispel his Heisman hype, nor the fact that he is head and shoulders above all else in being next year's first pick in the NFL draft. The Cardinal roll over the Buffaloes.
VIRGINIA TECH (#21) over Miami - What are the chances the Hokies lose a second straight conference home game in Blacksburg? Personally, I think almost next to impossible, but Virginia Tech needs to watch out that they don't make this about "revenge" and just take care of business or that second loss will be a reality.
CLEMSON (#8) over Boston College - Will BC be the bump in the road that will derail Tiger fans just as they are starting to believe in how good this Clemson team is? Well, I went against them the last two weeks and they showed me they are "for real". I get on the bandwagon and wait for that showdown later with Georgia Tech.
ARKANSAS (#10) over Auburn (#15) - Auburn's defense has been pretty bad this year, but came up big against South Carolina last week (with the help of benched Gamecock QB, Stephen Garcia). This week they get a very good offense in Arkansas. The Hogs roll up a bunch of points and win this SEC match-up.
LSU (#1) over Florida (#17) - Florida loses it quarterback in John Brantley and now faces the LSU defense in Baton Rouge. Yikes. Gator defense must be outstanding for even a chance, but will come up short on the road.
Oklahoma (#3) over Texas (#11) (in Dallas) - Texas is quietly undefeated and highly ranked after last year's blimp, but not good enough to beat the Sooners. Expect a tough game, but the Oklahoma talent will be too much for the Longhorns.

Week 5: 4-2
2011 season: 19-11

Friday, September 30, 2011

NFL 2011 (Week 4) - The SFB Podcast (9/30/2011).....

Week 4 of the NFL season. Going to try and bounce back after my first losing week of the season. Below are my picks for the week, while the podcast will preview the week and breakdown the picks. Enjoy.

The SportsFan Buzz: September 30, 2011 (right click to "save as target")
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NFL 2011 - Week 4 picks (Home Team in CAPS)

Bills (-3 1/2) over BENGALS
BEARS (-6 1/2) over Panthers
BROWNS (-1 1/2) over Titans
Lions (+3 1/2) over COWBOYS
Vikings (-1 1/2) over CHIEFS
RAMS (pick) over Redskins
Saints (-7 1/2) over JAGUARS
EAGLES (-6 1/2) over 49ers
TEXANS (-3 1/2) over Steelers
Falcons (-4 1/2) over SEAHAWKS
Giants (-1 1/2) over CARDINALS
PACKERS (-13 1/2) over Broncos
RAIDERS (+4 1/2) over Patriots
Dolphins (+8 1/2) over CHARGERS
RAVENS (-3 1/2) over Jets
Colts (+9 1/2) over BUCCANEERS

Week 3: 7-9
2011 season: 26-21-1

College Football 2011 - Week 5.....

OK, Notre Dame fans, I am not the bad luck charm you claimed me to be as the Irish held off Pittsburgh to even their record at 2-2. Another four matchups of ranked teams meeting up this weekend, including a "Welcome to the Big 10" for Nebraska as they go to Camp Randall in Wisconsin.

Week 5 games (Home team in CAPS)

Notre Dame over PERDUE - The Irish looking to get on the winning side of the season ledger, but will need to stay focused as they travel to West Lafayette to face Perdue or they will get a surprise.
SOUTH CAROLINA (#10) over Auburn - These Auburn team is terrible on defense and will not give the Gamecocks much of a fight as long as the South Carolina offense takes care of the ball. A big "if" sometimes for QB, Stephen Garcia.
ARKANSAS (#18) over Texas A&M (#14) - An early "hello" for the Aggies from a future conference opponent. Both teams coming off losses to ranked opponents and both want to get back on track. Hogs at home should come out on top.
VIRGINIA TECH (#11) over Clemson (#13) - Second ranked game for Clemson against an ACC opponent. The Tigers are coming off a big win against Florida State, but will stumble against the tough Hokie team on the road.
Alabama (#3) over FLORIDA (#12) - The Gators have done a solid job so far this year, but will be moving up in class when facing SEC rival Alabama. The Swamp will be rocking, but it will be the Tide rolling over Florida to sent the home folks home a little sad.
WISCONSIN (#7) over Nebraska (#8) - A "Welcome to the BIG 10" to Nebraska as their first conference opponent are the Badgers and they get to travel to Madison. Russell Wilson has been stellar so far for Wisconsin and will be the difference, along with the Camp Randall atmosphere.

Week 4: 5-1
2011 season: 15-9

Thursday, September 29, 2011

MLB's Wild Finish - The SFB Podcast (9/29/2011).....

What a way to end the baseball season, unless you are a Red Sox or Braves fan. You could not script a better ending and it is the reason I love sports. There is no better reality TV. I'll look back at what happened in Atlanta, Tampa and Baltimore with each game coming down to the final at bat, and the rest of the games that effected playoff teams. Plus a look at the playoffs and the season awards. Enjoy.

The SportsFan Buzz: September 29, 2011 (right click to "save as target")
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

NFL Week 3 review - The SFB Podcast (9/27/2011).....

So three weeks are complete in this NFL season and we are down to only three undefeated teams. Green Bay. Check. Detroit. A surprise, but OK. Buffalo. What? Please repeat that as you must be mistaken. No mistake as the Bills comeback from 21 down to upset the New England Patriots. We'll cover the Bills victory and the rest of the games from the NFL weekend. Enjoy.

The SportsFan Buzz: September 27, 2011 (right click to "save as target")
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Friday, September 23, 2011

NFL 2011 (Week 3) - The SFB Podcast (9/23/2011).....

Week 3 of the NFL season. Below are my picks for the week, while the podcast will preview the week and breakdown my picks. Enjoy.

The SportsFan Buzz: September 23, 2011 (right click to "save as target")
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NFL 2011 - Week 3 picks (Home Team in CAPS)

Patriots (-8 1/2) over BILLS
BENGALS (-2 1/2) over 49ers
Dolphins (+2 1/2) over BROWNS
TITANS (-6 1/2) over Broncos
Lions (-3 1/2) over VIKINGS
SAINTS (-3 1/2) over Texans
Giants (+7 1/2) over EAGLES
Jaguars (+2 1/2) over PANTHERS
CHARGERS (-14 1/2) over Chiefs
RAIDERS (+3 1/2) over Jets
Ravens (-3 1/2) over RAMS
Falcons (+1 1/2) over BUCCANEEERS
Packers (-3 1/2) over BEARS
Cardinals (-3 1/2) over SEAHAWKS
Steelers (-10 1/2) over COLTS
Redskins (+6 1/2) over COWBOYS

Week 2: 10-6
2011 season: 19-12-1

Thursday, September 22, 2011

College Football 2011 - Week 4.....

Notre Dame fans rejoiced as I went with Michigan State last week, which of course meant an Irish win. Well, sorry ND fans, but I am back on the wagon, although I am only holding on by a couple of fingers. Four match-ups this week are involving ranked teams, with three of them being conference games.

Week 4 games (Home team in CAPS)

Notre Dame over PITTSBURGH - Notre Dame still turned the ball over last week, but they overcame those problems and look to be back on track. Stop groaning Irish fans.
Oregon (#10) over ARIZONA - The Wildcats had Stanford with Andrew Luck come to town last week and now they get the high octane Oregon offense. No rest for the weary and the Ducks roll.
ALABAMA (#3) over Arkansas (#14) - Do we have a ranked SEC matchup every weekend? Arkansas has pulled off this upset before, but not this year as they travel to Alabama and don't have the comforts of home.
Oklahoma State (#7) over TEXAS A&M (#8) - It is so strange to talk about the demise of the Big 12, but then see five ranked teams within the top 25. Everything tells me to take A&M, but I think the Cowboys win a high scoring road show.
Florida State (#11) over CLEMSON (#21) - Tough loss for Florida State last week against top ranked Oklahoma, but now it is time to concentrate on the ACC Title and that means taking care of business on the road against the Tigers. Death Valley is a tough place, but the Seminoles have too much talent for Clemson.
Louisiana State (#2) over WEST VIRGINIA (#16) - Another road game for LSU against a ranked opponent and this time they visit a Big East opponent in the Mountianeers. Mountaineer Field is a tough place to play, but Les Miles' Tigers will show the SEC mettle and get another victory.

Week 3: 3-3
2011 season: 10-8

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

NFL Week 2 review - The SFB Podcast (9/20/2011).....

Second weekend of the season saw a couple of upsets, but mostly what it did was seem to put almost the whole league at 1-1. What we are seeing is a ton of offense. When will the defenses start to catch up, or are we at the start of a record setting offensive year? Enjoy.

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Friday, September 16, 2011

NFL 2011 (Week 2) - The SFB Podcast (9/16/2011).....

Week 2 of the NFL season. Below are my picks for the week, while the podcast will preview the week and breakdown my picks. Enjoy.

The SportsFan Buzz: September 16, 2011 (right click to "save as target")
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NFL 2011 - Week 2 picks (Home Team in CAPS)

BILLS (-3 1/2) over Raiders
SAINTS (-7 1/2) over Bears
Browns (-2 1/2) over COLTS
LIONS (-8 1/2) over Chiefs
Packers (-10 1/2) over PANTHERS
TITANS (+5 1/2) over Ravens
Buccaneers (+3 1/2) over VIKINGS
Jaguars (+10 1/2) over JETS
REDSKINS (-4 1/2) over Cardinals
STEELERS (-14 1/2) over Seahawks
Cowboys (+2 1/2) over 49ERS
Bengals (+5 1/2) over BRONCOS
Texans (-2 1/2) over DOLPHINS
Chargers (+6 1/2) over PATRIOTS
FALCONS (+2 1/2) over Eagles
Rams (+6 1/2) over GIANTS

Week 1: 9-6-1
2011 season: 9-6-1

Thursday, September 15, 2011

College Football 2011 - Week 3.....

What a game Saturday Night in The Big House between Michigan and Notre Dame. That was exciting and a great college football atmosphere. As for my pick of ND, well that wasn't as good. Couple of Top 25 match-ups this week, including top ranked Oklahoma visiting #5 Florida State.

Week 3 games (Home team in CAPS)

Louisiana State (#3) over MISSISSIPPI STATE (#25) - Would have been a more interesting match-up if MSU had not tripped up last week against Auburn. Will be good test for LSU.
Michigan State (#15) over NOTRE DAME - I hope not to hurt my legs jumping off the Notre Dame bandwagon. Of course this will be the week the Irish shine.
Texas (#23) over UCLA - The Longhorns go out west, but get a very down UCLA team. Texas likes that Rose Bowl turf.
Stanford (#6) over ARIZONA - Nice Pac 12 match-up, but this is a good Stanford team and should get a tough conference win on the road.
Ohio State (#17) over MIAMI - Game of two troubled universities. Ohio State looks like they have put the distractions behind them, while I am not sure the same can be said of Miami.
FLORIDA STATE (#5) over Oklahoma (#1) - Last time in Norman, the Sooners trounced the Seminoles, but I think it will be a much closer game this year in Tallahassee. That home field advantage gives Florida State that extra boost to sneak a victory over the nation's top ranked team.

Week 2: 4-2
2011 season: 7-5

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

NFL Week 1 review - The SFB Podcast (9/13/2011).....

The opening weekend of the NFL season is in the books and while some will be jumping to conclusions, I'll just review the games from the weekend and only large step to some conclusions after only one game. If the first week is any indication, those of you who like offense, will love this year. Enjoy.

The SportsFan Buzz: September 13, 2011 (right click to "save as target")
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Friday, September 9, 2011

College Football 2011 - Week 2.....

It was an interesting first week of the college football season as LSU showed that the distraction around losing their starting QB was not going to be a distraction at all. In Texas, TCU gave up 50 points to Baylor, which is more than they gave upon the road all last season. While in Atlanta, Boise State again showed they are serious about making the BCS boys sweat.

Week 2 games (Home team in CAPS):

USC over Utah - Trojan receivers dropped 8 passes last week against Minnesota. That doesn't happen again.
TEXAS (#24) over Brigham Young - Texas kicks off their season with positive highlights for their Longhorn Network.
South Carolina (#12) over GEORGIA - The two top teams in the SEC East meet early in the schedule. I'm a South Carolina believer and think they take control of the division with a tough road victory.
Alabama (#3) over PENN ST. (#23) - A tough way for Joe Paterno and the Nittany Lions to start the year by hosting Alabama. Penn St. may be a Top 25 team at year's end, but will look weak on Saturday.
Notre Dame over MICHIGAN - Notre Dame changed QBs after only one week. That is not a good sign, but just for Brian Kelly's blood pressure the Irish need to get the win. Michigan won easily last week, but gave up lots of yards.
Mississippi State (#16) over AUBURN - Another early SEC match-up, but I think we saw last week that Auburn will not put up much fight in defending last year's National Championship.

Week 1: 3-3
2011 Season: 3-3

Thursday, September 8, 2011

NFL 2011 - Week 1.....

First week of the 2011 season after the long lockout. As mentioned in my preview, I don't expect to see much in the way of movement from "worst to first" like what seems to happen each year, because of the development time lost this spring / summer.

As for the weekly picks, I hope to improve on last year (134-108-14 during regular season and 10-1 for the playoffs), but would be just as happy matching that positive record.

NFL 2011 - Week 1 picks (Home Team in CAPS)

PACKERS (-4) over Saints - Tough game to start year for both teams, but I am riding the Packers again in 2011. Best 2 teams in the NFC and could be critical in determining playoff seedings.
Steelers (+2 1/2) over RAVENS - Hate to see this match-up so early in the season. Steelers show the Ravens they still control the division and get the win on the road.
Lions (+2) over BUCCANEERS - Think the Lions are this year's Buccaneers and will have a nice year, but just miss the playoffs and it starts with a tough road victory.
Falcons (-3) over BEARS - Chicago will take a step back this year and it starts with the Falcons pounding them and showing off their more explosive offense.
Bills (+6 1/2) over CHIEFS - Chiefs are not as good as last year, while the Bills will again be competitive in their games, but just fall short. Kansas City wins, but Buffalo keeps it close.
TEXANS (-9) over Colts - Houston needs to take complete advantage of this situation and will show no mercy to the "Manning less" Colts. Have doubts about Indianapolis rallying around Kerry Collins.
RAMS (+5) over Eagles - Rams play good defense and will keep this close at home. Eagles will stumble a little to start, but end up getting the close win to start their "dream" season.
BROWNS (-6 1/2) over Bengals - Think the Browns show they are an improved team and take it out on their decimated in-state rivals. Will be a tough day for Bengal starter, Andy Dalton.
Titans (+3) over JAGUARS - Not sure about either team, but I will believe more in Chris Johnson besting Maurice Jones-Drew
Giants (-3) over REDSKINS - The New York defense is torn up with injuries, but their offense is so good that it will overcome those injuries against a Rex Grossman led Redskin offense.
CARDINALS (-7) over Panthers - The Kevin Kolb era starts in Arizona and they get Cam Newton and the Panthers as their first guests. Still not thrilled with the Cardinal defense, but they do the job against this year #1 overall pick.
49ERS (-5 1/2) over Seahawks - It is the final chance for Alex Smith to show he can lead an offense and it helps to get Seattle as his first opponent. Still shaking my head over the Seahawk moves at QB during the off season.
Vikings (+9) over CHARGERS - San Diego is my pick to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl and while they'll beat the Vikings, Adrian Peterson's running will keep the game close.
Cowboys (+4 1/2) over JETS - Rex again predicting Super Bowl for his Jets, while the Cowboys have been under the radar this off-season (besides Rex's twin, Rob being hired as DC). Tony Romo has something to prove this year and some nice weapons around him to make that offense click.
Patriots (-7) over DOLPHINS - National TV audience will get to see early why Miami was QB shopping this off-season. Dolphins always seem to play New England tough, but not this time as Brady and company roll to an easy victory.
BRONCOS (-3) over Raiders - Broncos are healthy on defense and with the addition of rookie, Von Miller, will be a better team than 2010. Same can't be said for a Raider team, which just when you think might be moving forward, instead takes two steps backwards.

2010 Season: 134-108-14

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

NFL 2011 Preview - The SFB Podcast (9/7/2011).....

The NFL season starts tomorrow night with a match-up of the last two Super Bowl champions, when the Saints visit the Packers. After a summer of lockout talk, it is great to have real football so close. So, who will emerge from the 2011 season and become the champions. My pick is for the Packers to repeat adn I'll discuss why and who I think will join them in the playoffs. Enjoy.

The SportsFan Buzz: September 7, 2011 (right click to "save as target")
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Voice over talent provided by Morgan Thomas.